Watch the Bhagavad Gita – Film

The Bhagavad Gita – Film


An important objective of mine behind this website is to teach people the Srimad Bhagavad Gita which, I am sure, is the ultimate guide to learning the art of mastering one’s own mind. I was certainly lucky to have had the encouragement from my parents as well as the opportunity to read the amazing scripture while I was still a very young boy. However, as I grew up I wondered why most of the people I came across had never read the book although it takes hardly three to four hours to read all the 700 verses of the timeless Divine scripture. I then began to work on finding the reason behind this major problem among Dharmic people. After doing some research on the matter, interviewing people and from my general experience, I found out that it was a simple thing that usually discouraged people from reading The Srimad Bhagavad Gita. It was the sheer size and large number of pages of the book which had highly intellectual explanations of each and every verse. It was very uninviting and some people who did take the effort to start reading the book started feeling sleepy by the end of the first few pages.

This discovery of mine supported by my deep desire to share my joy and experience with others led me to create a website for TVM Gita Samiti. I used large fonts and simple four-line translations of all the Shlokas. I also phonetically transliterated every verse so that people could easily achieve at least near-perfect pronunciation of the Shlokas and hosted the site in the month December 2014.

Thousands of people have visited the site since then and have not only read the Divine scripture but have also learned ways to apply and incorporate the knowledge they gained by reading it into their daily lives.

Below is a video that is an hour and 26 minutes long. It is a dramatised version of the Bhagavad Gita and it also has English subtitles. The time you spend watching the film will be a great investment in your life.

There are three ways to treat this film, each of which teaches a different path towards attaining the ultimate goal.

  1. Bhakti Marga – The path of Devotion: A film of an event that actually happened in the past in which case you believe in the physical presence of Krishna and have utter devotion towards Him.
  2. Gnyaana Marga – The path of Knowledge: A film that teaches you metaphorically about the principles of Karma or of cause and effect; the five factors that cause action; righteous living; happiness; success; power; wealth; life; death; etc
  3. Karma Marga – The Path of Knowledge: A film that shows you the way to be a perfect Karmayogi whose only objective in life is to be a perfectionist in whatever he or she does thereby making huge progress the progress of one’s Karmic evolution.

Remember that unlike in organised religions that ask their followers to ‘DO OR DIE BUT NOT ASK HOW OR WHY’, as per Krishna, asking questions or even being a sceptic is completely alright and in fact highly recommended by Him!
SBG 4:34 Acquire knowledge through reverence to teachers who have known the Truth, serve them and ASK THEM QUESTIONS UNTIL ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ARE ANSWERED. The wise who know the Truth will teach it to you.

Set aside the next one and a half hours of your precious time and watch this film at the end of which, you are sure to feel a hundred times stronger, absolutely fearless and ready to take on the toughest of challenges. Do ask your family members, particularly children to join you in watching the film.

Jai Shri Krishna