The Five Pearls


#1 Faith
Absolute FAITH in Krishna and in oneself.

The entire system that governs the universe is personified as Krishna. When a person is absolutely convinced that they are one with the system, they fear no one and nothing. Faith is the very basis of optimism and the belief in a better tomorrow.

An Attitude of Gratitude for everything.

The most important aspect of life that people need to be grateful for, is for life itself. Gratitude for life, for every heartbeat, for every breath of air, for every morsel of food and of course for a roof above, are absolutely essential qualities that make a person modest. Care for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Your knowledge and the quality of your work define who you are.

  • Understanding the Sanatana Dharma and developing Spiritual Knowledge.
  • Comprehending the principles of Righteousness and Karma through the study of the Gita.
  • Developing your skills and mastering your own field of professional knowledge .
  • Achieving Perfection in Execution of Work.

A well-defined VISION for the future.

  1. Every day is the first day of your journey through the rest of your life. Therefore begin each day by ensuring that you are on the right course.
  2. Most people want a ‘good’ life, a ‘great’ job, a ‘terrific’ car, a ‘lovely house’ and a ‘dream’ wife or husband. The problem is that many people do not define what exactly they want and hence they do not achieve anything. Defining what one wants aids in the process of dreaming and visualising which in turn, form the foundation for future events.

Every thought and act of yours, count. 
Take responsibility for your own society.

A team does well only when all its members do well. Similarly, if you wish to be truly happy and if you wish to sustain your happiness, make everyone around you happy. Believing that you are a part of your environment and that you have a responsibility to protect it, adds grace and dazzle to your personality and aura. When you respect Mother nature, she will respect you and protect you. Every action creates new Karma and therefore be responsible when you do something. Karma never forgives.