Strengthening and calming down a weak and restless mind

Arjuna was about to become a loser due to the lack of clarity caused by unnecessary thoughts that clouded his mind.

SBG 1:27 Arjuna said: O Krishna,  seeing my kinsmen and friends in a belligerent state of mind, my limbs are failing and my mouth is parched.

SBG 1:28 My body is trembling and I have goose pimples. I feel my bow Gandiva slipping from my hands and my skin is burning. My mind is reeling and I find it difficult to even stand.

SBG 1:29 I do not desire victory O Krishna, nor do I want a kingdom or comforts.  Of what use is sovereignty to us, O Bhagavan Krishna, or pleasures or even life itself?

SBG 1:46 It would be better for me if the sons of Drtarashtra killed me with weapons while I stood unarmed and not resisting.

This is the first stage of beginning to become a loser. People start justifying their decision to quit. However, this changed in the case of Arjuna who had the Supreme Bhagavan Himself as his Friend, Philosopher and Guide. By reading and understanding the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, anyone can acquire the Divine Knowledge that Arjuna was blessed with.

SBG 2:02 The Supreme Bhagavan said: O Arjuna, where, in this hour of crisis, did these qualities like weakness, which are unbecoming of honourable men, come from and take over you? Such qualities will prevent you from reaching higher levels in life and will also ruin your honour and get you a bad reputation.

SBG 2:03 Do not give in to cowardice which is not manly and does not suit you. Shed this weak-heartedness and get up, O destroyer of enemies.

SBG 2:14 O Arjuna, impermanent things like happiness and sadness, heat and cold in summer and winter, come and go. They are temporary. Therefore, learn to endure them.

SBG 2:31 (O Arjuna) Considering your duty as a Kshatriya, you should not falter as there is no greater work for you than a battle which protects Dharma or righteousness.

SBG 2:33 If you don’t fight this battle of righteousness, you will be a sinner by failing in your duty and it will cause the loss of your standing as a warrior.

SBG 2:38 So fight the battle treating alike pleasure and pain, gain and loss as well as victory and defeat. By doing so, you will not sin.

SBG 2:41 In this path of rightful action, there is a single point of focus and determination. The thoughts of the undecided are branched and are infinite.

SBG 5:07 A person who is devoted to the path of selfless action, has a pure mind or a purified soul, has his body and senses under control, is compassionate to all living beings and sees his Self in them, although engaged in work, is never in bondage.

SBG 6:05 A man must lift himself only by his own Self and should not degrade himself. The mind is a friend as well as the enemy of the Self.

SBG 6:06 The mind is the greatest friend for the one who has conquered it. However, for others, the mind is the greatest enemy.

SBG 6:26 Wherever and whenever the mind wanders restlessly because of its unsteady quality, it should be restrained and brought back under the control of the Self.

SBG 6:34 (Arjuna said) The mind is certainly restless, turbulent, strong and unyielding, O Krishna! I think it is extremely difficult to control it just as wind is.

SBG 10:09 The minds of My devotees are fully engaged in Me. Their lives are devoted to Me. They attain great transcendental bliss by preaching about Me to one another.

SBG 6:35 The Blessed Bhagavan said: Undoubtedly, O mighty armed one (Arjuna), the mind is difficult to control and restless. However, it can be restrained through practice and dispassion.

SBG 7:07 Beyond Me, there is nothing superior. Everything is connected to me like pearls on a thread.

SBG 11:33 Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these warriors have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna.

SBG 11:54 By single minded devotion and dedication, I can be seen and known like this and in fact, one can even enter my mysteries,  O mighty armed Arjuna.

SBG 11:55 O Arjuna, he who is engaged in doing My work and considers Me Supreme, is free from contamination of the mind with previous activities and doubts, he who is free from attachment, he who has no enmity towards any creature and he who is friendly with every living entity, certainly comes to Me.

SBG 17:16 Serenity of the mind, good-heartedness, purity of nature, self-control—this is called mental austerity.

SBG 18:57 Mentally renouncing all actions in Me, having Me as the highest goal and devoting yourself intensely to Me, you are under My protection. Be fully conscious of Me at all times.

SBG 18:66 Abandoning all your ideas of righteousness, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sins. Do not despair.

SBG 18:71 Even a person who hears this divine conversation with deep faith and free from malice, will attain liberation and the auspicious worlds of righteous people.

Nothing is impossible for devotees of Bhagavan Krishna who have Him in their heart and mind.