Remove Demotivation

SBG 2:14 O Arjuna, impermanent things like happiness and sadness, heat and cold in summer and winter, come and go. They are temporary. Therefore, learn to endure them.

SBG 2:33 If you don’t fight this battle of righteousness, you will be a sinner by failing in your duty and it will cause the loss of your standing as a warrior.

SBG 6:07 The Supreme Self of the one who has conquered his mind, is balanced in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, as also in honour and in dishonour.

SBG 9:22 To those people who worship Me alone, thinking of no other,  I ensure that they get what they want and preserve what they have.

SBG 9:27 Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer in sacrifice, whatever you give, whatever you practise as austerity, O Arjuna, do it for Me and as an offering unto Me.

SBG 9:28 By doing so, you will be freed from the bonds of action that result in good and in bad. By being free and with your mind guided by the principle of the Yoga of renunciation, you will attain Me.

SBG 9:30 Even if the most sinful worships Me, with exclusive devotion, he should indeed be regarded as righteous, for he has taken the right resolution.

SBG 11:33 Therefore, get up and attain glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous kingdom. All these warriors have already been destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna.

SBG 12:15 A person who neither causes fear to others nor is frightened by others, and is not agitated due to euphoria, anger and excitement caused by the world, is dear to Me.

SBG 18:48  O Arjuna, one should not abandon duties born of one’s nature, even if one sees flaws in them. This is because endeavours are veiled by some incidental imperfections just as as fire is by smoke.

SBG 18:57 Mentally renouncing all actions in Me, having Me as the highest goal and devoting yourself intensely to me, you are under my protection. Be fully conscious of Me.

SBG 18:58 Being fully conscious of Me, you will overcome all obstacles and hardships through My Divine Grace. However, due to pride and ego, should you do not listen to My advice, you will perish.

SBG 18:66 Abandoning all your ideas of righteousness, take complete refuge in Me. I will liberate you from all sins. Do not despair.