How does one become dear to Bhagavan Krishna?


This chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, has only 20 verses which teach devotees how to worship Bhagavan Krishna and meditate upon Him. Bhagavan Krishna explains to Arjuna about the things one could do in order to be dear to Him. However, He also says that no one is repulsive or dear to Him. 

Bhagavan said: SBG 9:29
I am the same to all living beings. There is no one who is repulsive or dear to Me. But those who worship Me with devotion are in Me and I too am in them.

Bhagavan Krishna is not affected by anyone or anything but people who are sincerely devoted toHim and carry out His instructions, are more confident about themselves which make them stronger and more efficient in whatever they do. It’s like in the case of children who have doting parents. Such children feel they receive a lot of attention from their loving father, mother or both and this makes them excel at everything.

Chapter 12

भक्तियोग – BhaktiYoga

The Yoga of Devotion

SBG 12:01
Arjuna said:
Those devotees who are ever steadfast and worship You, and those also who worship the Imperishable and the formless Absolute—which of them are better versed in Yoga?
SBG 12:02
Shri Bhagavan Krishna said:
Those who, fixing their minds on Me, worship Me, ever steadfast and endowed with supreme faith, I regard them as the best of Yogis.
SBG 12:03
Those who worship the Imperishable, the Indefinable, the Unmanifested, the Omnipresent, the Unthinkable, the Eternal, the Formless and the Immovable,
SBG 12:04
…controlling all the senses, having a balanced mind, engaged in the welfare of others certainly come to Me.
SBG 12:05
Those whose minds are set on an unmanifested and impersonal Absolute Power face difficulties in reaching the goal. This is because people always identify with the body and when there is no perceptible form, it is difficult to perceive.
SBG 12:06
But to those who worship Me, renouncing all actions in Me, regarding Me as the Supreme Goal, meditating on Me with single-minded Yoga,

SBG 12:07
…to those whose minds are set on Me, O Arjuna, I certainly become the saviour out of the ocean of the mortal Samsara!
SBG 12:08
Fix your mind on Me only, your intellect in Me and you will no doubt live in Me alone hereafter.
SBG 12:09
If you are unable to fix your mind steadily on Me, then by the Yoga of constant practice, seek to reach Me, O Arjuna.
SBG 12:10
If you are unable to practise even this Abhyasa Yoga, be intent on doing actions for My sake; even by doing actions for My sake, you shall attain perfection.
SBG 12:11
If you are unable to do even this, then taking refuge in union with Me, with perfect self control, renounce the fruits of all your actions.
SBG 12:12
Better indeed is knowledge than practice; than knowledge, meditation is better; the renunciation of the fruits of actions, is better than meditation; and immediately after such renunciation, comes peace.
SBG 12:13
A person who hates no creature, who is friendly and compassionate to all, is free from attachment and egoism, remains balanced in pleasure and pain, is forgiving,

SBG 12:14
…ever content, steady in meditation, possessed of firm conviction, stays Self-controlled and always dedicated to Me, is dear to Me.
SBG 12:15
The one who does not disturb or agitate the world and is not agitated by the world; is free from joy, envy, fear and anxiety; is dear to Me.
SBG 12:16
A person who is free from wants; is pure, skilled, dispassionate and untroubled; renounces all undertakings or commencements; and remains devoted to Me, is dear to Me.
SBG 12:17
He who is beyond joy and hate, neither grieves nor desires, renounces good and evil, and is full of devotion, is dear to Me.
SBG 12:18
He, to whom foe and friend are the same, faces equally honour and dishonour, is the same in cold and heat as well as in pleasure and pain, is free from attachment,

…to whom admonishment and praise are equal, is silent, remains contented with whatever comes to him, has no fixed place, is of a steady mind full of devotion, is dear to Me.
SBG 12:20
Those devotees who truly follow this immortal Dharma  as I have taught above, endowed with faith, regarding Me as their Supreme Goal, are exceedingly dear to Me.

Sincere gratitude to our ancestors who have protected and passed on this Divine Dharma to us.