Handling Temptation

SBG 2:60 The senses which are so strong, O Arjuna, can forcibly lead astray even the mind of the wisest person.

SBG 2:61 He who keeps his senses under control and meditates on Me by fully surrendering unto Me, has steady intelligence.

SBG 2:62 A person who thinks of sense objects develops an attachment for them. From this attachment, desires are born and from desires, anger is born.

SBG 2:63 Anger gives birth to delusion and this delusion results in confusion of memory. When memory is confused, intelligence is destroyed and from the destruction of intelligence, the person perishes.

SBG 2:67 When the mind follows any one of the senses herding over him, it takes his wisdom away just as a strong wind moves away a ship sailing on the water.

SBG 2:68 Therefore, O mighty armed one, a person whose senses are bridled before objects of desire, has steady wisdom.

SBG 2:70 He who is steady in spite of the never-ending flow of desires just like the ocean is, although so many rivers enter it, can attain peace. However, one who is desirous of pleasures cannot achieve it.

SBG 4:23 The action of a person who is unattached to the material nature, is liberated and has a mind situated in transcendental knowledge, is dissolved into transcendence.