Demise of a Loved One

Life is the journey between birth and death. It is the time spent by the Self in a new body in order to continue the process of its Karmic evolution. Death of a person means the death of the body of  the person. The Self that resides withing the body never dies. Death is not the end of a person but it is a moment when the Self moves on. The Self takes along with it its mind and senses.

SBG 15:08  When the Self, which is the master, acquires a body, it takes the mind and the five senses from the body it has left,  just as the wind takes different odours along with it.

SBG 2:12 There never was a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings. We will also never be non-existent.

SBG 2:13 Just as the soul which is in the body, passes through childhood, youth and old age, it also passes into another body after death. Wise people are not baffled by this fact.

SBG 2:17 You must know that the Atman or the Self, that which pervades the body can never be destroyed. The soul is indestructible and imperishable.

SBG 2:22 As a person casts away old clothes for new ones, the embodied self too casts old bodies away for new ones.

SBG 2:23 The Atman or the Self cannot be cut by weapons, it can’t be burned by fire, water cannot wet it nor can wind dry it.

SBG 2:25 The Self is said to be formless, inconceivable, immutable and unchangeable. Hence knowing this, you should not grieve.

SBG 2:26 Nonetheless, even if you think that the soul is in a cycle of life and death, that is, it is born and it dies perpetually, you should not be grieving for it.

SBG 2:27 For one who is born, death is certain; and for one who dies, rebirth is certain. Therefore, you should not grieve for this inevitable truth.

SBG 2:30 The Self which is inside everybody can never be destroyed O Arjuna. Therefore, you have no reason to grieve for any being.

SBG 8:05 And whosoever, leaving the body, goes forth thinking of Me alone at the time of death, he attains My Being.  There is no doubt about this.

SBG 8:16 All the worlds, including the world of Brahma, are subject to return, O Arjuna. However, he who reaches Me, O son of Kunti, has no rebirth.

SBG 14:14 If the embodied one meets with death when Sattva has become predominant; he attains the spotless worlds of the knowers of the Highest.