128 selected verses from the Gita

Jai Shri Krishna.

The Gita does not belong only to erudite people but to everybody.

Knowledge needs to be spread among people in order to bring them out of the dark dungeons of ignorance.

Ignorance leads to devilish behaviour and such people fall into the traps of other religious groups who run huge multi billion Dollar soul trading centres. The Gita is an absolutely amazing treatise and it is true that it would take an entire life time (if not many more) in order to fully understand the different lessons it can teach us. However this should not stop people from attempting to study it.

The Sanatana Dharma does not threaten people with a hell or entice them with a heaven. Everything is simply KARMA – CAUSE and EFFECT. You reap as you sow. Understanding that we are all a part (however minuscule our role maybe) of the great system we call God. Sanatana Dharma is a MONISTIC way of life which believes in a ONE UNIVERSAL ETERNAL FORMLESS POWER. Sanatana Dharma does not teach idol worship! No one goes to a temple and prays, ‘Oh Idol! Please bless me’! A form is required for visualising and concentrating and that is it. The eternal Supreme Brahman (not Brahmin) is formless, is everywhere and in everything.

One who has understood the Gita and the basics of how Karma works, will NEVER wrong others but will live a peaceful, happy, healthy, fulfilling and a love filled life.

There are many organisations that distribute copies of the Bhagavad Gita free of cost with the intentionSBG 5:07 of spreading the supreme knowledge that one can gain by reading it. However, the problem is that most of the people who receive their copy of the Gita, store it, most respectfully of course, in their prayer room or pooja altar but never take the trouble of reading it. They neither know how many chapters and verses it has nor anything about the core philosophy of Advaita or non-dualisam taught in the Gita. The reasons could be that they don’t feel motivated enough to read it and even if they have did try reading a few pages of it, they found it boring. Lengthy and highly philosophical interpretations made by wise Gurus can also be a factor that gives people the feeling that the Gita is not for the common man but only for much older people who are very much into spirituality.

In order to make it easier for people to have at least an overall idea of the teachings of the Gita, I have made a video presentation containing 128 verses carefully selected by me. The video serves as an introduction to the Gita. It is not only for beginners in Gita studies but also for those who have already read the Gita. It helps people in learning some verses in Sanskrit by heart and also in getting used to the sounds of the great Sanskrit language which was systematically killed as a spoken language by enemies of the Dharma and of Bharat Varsh.

SBG 6:05The name Bhagavad Gita means, ‘God’s Song’ or ‘Divine song’ but this does not stop a person from simply chanting the verses in a way they find it possible or comfortable. However it is important to pronounce the shlokas correctly. Everyone is not a singer nor does everybody have the ability to sing. Therefore in the new video, the verses from the Gita have been recited in a simple way making it easy for listeners to be able to repeat them.

People who understand these 128 selected verses will find themselves more interested in studying the Gita in depth.

Those who have understood even the basics of the teachings of the SBG are sure to have a better understanding of the non-dualistic God Concept and also about the ‘I’ in a person taught by Bhagavan Krishna to Arjuna. This can straightaway remove a lot of doubts, confusions, anxiety, fears, the feeling of inferiority and most importantly despondency from the hearts of the devotee. The positive attitude that one gains through this Divine Knowledge gives them the power of magnetism that can attract good people and good things in life.

People planning to study the Gita for the first time could watch this video before reading the translation of all the verses of the Gita the following sites:

It should take 50 minutes to watch this video and about 3 to 4 hours to read the translations of all the 700 verses of the Gita.

May the Grace of Bhagavan Krishna always be upon you.

Jai Shri Krishna